Thursday, October 23, 2008


Hey guys, I just read a graphic novel called Persepolis. It is a great book and I encourage you to read it. Tell me what you think of graphic novels, or even the book Persepolis. There is also a sequel called Persepolis 2.
Luke Spartan


Mrs. Malin said...

The name of the book is Persepolis 2: The Story of a Return. The protagonist goes back to Iran. I haven't gotten to read it yet but it sounds like the graphics are just as great and what happens to the main character is very moving. I would love to hear some titles of graphic novels students would like to read. Most of the 7the 7th graders at SJHS are reading Megaboy which is about a kid who shoots and kills a store owner and the reader tries to figure out why he did the crime. Sent those titles my way!!!

Saxon said...

Have you guys ever seen the movie 'The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe' ??? Well I dislike that movie a whole lot now. It is from a series of 7 books called The Chronicles of Narnia. Well the ONLY book I have read so far was the first. This was a very interesting and intriguing book. I think it was a poor choice to make a movie of the second book when there was SO much information in the first. Anyways, I guess my point is that this book is a really great one.

(Cough Cough...Illegal Immigrant...Cough Cough. Excuse me I have to get something for that cough.)

jinjin the jinnster!!! said...

lol, i never knew that mrs malin would be on the blog lol, laugh laugh,,,,,, and saxon, luke is an illegal immigrant from good old cuba, why do you think hes reading the book???? LOL

Ashwin Prabhakaran said...

My first comment here..
Yes, I heard bout the book Persepolis.. Infact I think its been released as a movie.. could catch it though..
I do read a lot.. but haven't yet read any graphic novels.. But im sure they are interesting.. What do you suggest?
Anyways, I do invite you to come and visit my blog..