Thursday, December 11, 2008


Hey bloggers, this is kindof like 2 posts in one
1st tell me your opinions on dating
2nd tell me who you think that i should ask out, must be a girl, single, and come on people, make it reasonable!!

Luke Spartan


sweet n' sassy said...

i don't know????? who do you like to hang out with and be around!!!!! it is easier to date someone you can be friends with!!!!

Saxon said...

Ok, well I think dating is really cool if you are with someone that you can be urself around. And, (dont get mad) I think you and Lexie would be really cute together. You guys flirt all the time! (dont try to deny it!)

jinjin said...

well i think dating is kind of cool as long as its not the dumb kind of dating, lol

and i agree with what saxon said because she usually says things that are smart with some exceptions lol, i didnt read it so, yeah!!!